Deployment Options

Corporate Events

Preparing meetings, major presentations and board meetings and part and parcel of the daily work of a PA/secretary.

What is often overlooked is that most of the real work takes place before the event.

Writing invitations, organizing confirmations and cancellations as well as taking into account the personal preferences of the illustrious guests - and all this in addition to the normal run of business, discretely and most of all quickly.

At the same time, the whole planning is often in the head of just a single person. It takes too long to write it down, and it is often too complicated to communicate. So the reaction is often, "I'll just as well do it myself." Permanent overload and stress is virtually preprogrammed.

TablePlanner helps you to plan such events. You can call up previous events at any time, make notes on the personal characteristics of the guests and you can communicate your planning to anybody else whenever you like simply and straightforwardly.