Bregenz Festival 2014

Every year in July the Bregenz festival is opened in Vorarlberg. This year, this major cultural event attracted more than a quarter million people from numerous countries.
Besides the musical highlights, there is always also a social highlight for 200 invited guests: the joint lunch with the Federal President of Austria and the Provincial prime minister of Vorarlberg following the premiere.

The festive lunch took place in the Seefoyer of the Festspielhaus, an exquisite hall with lakeview.

The tables for the Federal President and the other honored guests including the accompanying persons pose a special challenge in the planning process.
There are compulsory requirements concerning the seating arrangements and experience shows that we often have to be able to react to modifications at short notice - especially in the case of honored guests.

First of all, we drew the hall with the TablePlanner and effortlessly arranged the 17 tables in the hall. (The tables offer ten to twelve seats each.)
Then, every table got a name (place names of the respective regions) and a table number. We created a list of all persons that had accepted the invitation.

Big plus factor of TablePlanner: You can choose the names of the guests directly from the list and drag them with the mouse to the respective tables. This “drag and drop“ function constituted a considerable and especially time saving facilitation compared to our former approach.

Seefoyer (Lake foyer) of the Festspielhaus Bregenz with festively decorated tables
After having seated all guests, we designed a plan (DIN-A-5).

TablePlanner was once again useful thanks to the designer tool for place cards, tickets and name badges. A scheme with the tables and their names was printed on the front. Everyone received a personal card, the respective table was color-marked, so that every guest could immediately spot his table. A detailed scheme of the specific table with indication of the other persons seated there appeared on the back.

The honored guests received cards in a slightly different design.