Constituent meeting 2014 of the Landtag of Vorarlberg

Every five years, the Landtag of Vorarlberg is elected, four weeks after the elections the new government meets to the constituent meeting. It is the inauguration of 36 representatives as well as the governor of the Landtag and his or her vice and, first of all, of the new government.

TablePlanner was of great help to us not only concerning the organization of the Bregenz festival but also the constituent meeting. It is a completely different task: 400 persons in all have to be seated and this not at tables but in the tiers of our hall at the Landtag as well as in the Montfortsaal that offers free seating.

Constituent meeting of the Landtag of Vorarlberg in October 2014 Source: VOL.AT Steurer, Stiplovsek


Using the table designer the producer created the Landtagssaal based on our template.

The hall has different areas that could all be displayed without any difficulty with TablePlanner.

We made specific seating arrangements for the areas Galerie, Beamtenbank, Plenarsaal and the press section. The different areas of the Landtagssaal were color-marked and the respective colors were reproduced on the seat reservations.

Furthermore, the cards displayed the name of the area, the name of the guest and the number of the seat.

This system provided a great support to our staff that even under pressure never lost orientation.
We do not only use TablePlanner for the organization of the festival and the constituent meeting though. Also smaller festivities including no more than ten to 20 persons are organized with the help of TablePlanner.

We use TablePlanner almost weekly for events such as lunches, goodbye parties, birthdays or New Year‘s receptions. The program notably facilitates the seating arrangements, thus saving much time that we can now spend with other, more important things.