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Types of events

TablePlanner helps you organize all types of events that require clearly defined seating arrangements or that should be planned in a clearly structured way concerning the confirmation of invitations and availability of seats.

  • Typical events & functions:
    • Company events
    • General meetings
    • Conferences
    • Conventions
    • Cultural events
    • Party congresses
    • Plenary sessions
    • Seminars
    • Big sporting events
    • Meetings
    • Ceremonies

  • All of these events require the same tasks of organization:
    • Who is invited?
    • Who has accepted or refused the invitation?
    • Who needs accommodation (where)?
    • Is special accommodation required?
    • Who bears the costs per guest?
    • What are the seating arrangements?
    • Who shall be seated close to or far from whom?
    • Who requires special attention?
    • Who needs an interpreter?
    • Who is smoker, nonsmoker, vegetarian or has religious specifics etc.?

TablePlanner offers numerous, and even without technical experience easy to operate, features as well as clearly arranged graphic accounts that will help you organize your individual event.