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Please contact directly the TW drei Software & Vertriebs GmbH for the license key for your Profi Version.

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The various versions of TablePlanner can be distinguished by the maximum number of guests permitted for each event. Please note that you may organize an unlimited number of events with each licence type.

From the license for 300 guests on, TablePlanner disposes of an interface for the connection to the following data sources:

> Access
> ODBC data bases
> Excel lists

TablePlanner offers an optional module for administrating and printing tickets and entrance cards. We will be glad to give you further information concerning this feature on demand.


From version "300" on incl.


Max. 150 guests per event - 300,00 euro, incl. tax (Download)

Max. 300 guests per event - 450,00 euro, incl. tax (Download)

Max. 600 guests per event - 800,00 euro, incl. tax (Download)

Max. 1000 guests per event - 1.000,00 euro, incl. tax (CD)

Max. 2000 guests per event - 2.000,00 euro, incl. tax (CD)

For bigger numbers of guests kindly contact TW drei Software & Vertriebs GmbH.

Optional module ticket printing


Ticket and voucher printing - 1.000,00 euro, incl. tax


Use is unrestricted regardless of the license form and can be used on those operating systems supported.
Only the purchaser of the license has the right of use.
Unauthorized copying, lending, leasing and sale of the product are forbidden.
Copyright (c) 2004 TW drei Software & Vertriebs GmbH
All right reserved.
TablePlanner is a registered trademark of TW drei Software & Vertriebs GmbH.